Islam is not just a religion- it incorporates the whole structure of society, such as the requirement for the religious and political hierarchies to be unified and the basic legal framework of the society.

I must admit to struggling with the devastation that can be caused by a few suicide bombers.

The philosophy in some militant flavours of Islam that dying for the faith will get you straight into heaven means that young men can be encouraged to be suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are not compatible with Western Society because one bomber can kill 20 people and destroy infrastructure very easily.

It looks to some Westerners that some (extremist) Muslims want to create a war with the West. I hope it won’t succeed as the West is so very vulnerable to terrorism due to industrial specialisation that we can be easily crippled. It might be that some countries in the West decide that a policy of ethnic cleansing (at least sending Muslims back to Muslim countries) is preferable to yet more suicide attacks, though things would need to get quite bad for this to happen.