It is important to discuss the different flavours of Jews separately- they are a diverse people with a corresponding set of views.

I suppose that the best analysis is to look at Jews as being those of the Jewish religion, and to consider the Israelis as those Jews who choose to live in Israel.

I must compliment the Jews on their extraordinary ability to motivate world opinion and make a fuss about the issues they care about.

One that really stands out for me is the contrast between the response to the Swastika (Hitler’s symbol) where there is a real outcry due to the murder of 6 million Jews in the German areas. In contrast, Stalin is said to have killed 20 million people but no-one tries to fight the display of the hammer-and-sickle. The Chinese government is also said to have killed 30 million of their own people, but again, no-one makes much of a fuss about it.