United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a much longer history of active intervention in the world than the United States. It has been involved in many horrors which have offended the world. Here are the "highlights" of its history.

The Crusades

The Crusades (see under “Christians”) involved the slaughter of large numbers of Muslims in a series of campaigns. The Muslims haven’t forgiven us for this- which is why they reacted so badly to President Bush talking about a Crusade against Terror.


The history of the relationship between the UK (or, more properly, England and Scotland) and Ireland is a dark one. The English and Scottish treachery in invading Ireland, followed by rough treatment of the Irish caused deep seated resentment.

Slave Trade

The UK was involved with other European nations from the 14th century with acquiring slaves from Africa. Whilst this was a very serious crime, I am unaware of many people having strong feelings about this.


1890's. Boer War

Ordinary women and children were rounded up into camps, to concentrate them into one place. Large numbers died. Guess where Hitler's idea of Concentration Camps came from?

1939-1945. Second World War.

Britain was involved in carpet bombing of German cities, even near the end of the war when it would make no difference. Bomber Harris persisted with a carpet bombing approach, even when he was being ordered to attack precise targets. Large numbers of people died in these attacks

We have all heard of "winners justice", where the winner gets to decide what the rules were and then punishes the other side? After the Second World War, many German leaders were prosecuted in the Nuremberg courts for a large range of crimes, but none were ever pursued for their terror bombing of the UK. Is this because of "Bomber Harris's" terror bombing of Germany, even when it would make no difference to the outcome of the war. And how many allied servicemen were prosecuted for war crimes.... or were they all perfect gentlemen through the whole war?


The UK invaded India and took over in a series of political moves. Over time they exploited India to make the largest possible profits. Some of the things they did are:

- gradual destruction of local industry by replacing local goods with those procured from Britain
- prices at which raw materials(including minerals) were sourced for British industry from India
- taxes in general (e.g. salt, which is essential to life)
- Colonialism