Russia had a turbulent time in the 20th Century, going from a Monarchy to a Communist Republic, suffering a major, devastating invasion, multiple unpleasant leaders, finishing by an economic and military collapse and a move towards greater democracy and a market economy.

The main reason that people hate Russia is because of its territorial ambitions both in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

The biggest single issue arises from the World War II. The first problem was Stalin’s pact with Hitler to share Poland. Subsequent combat and the Yalta treaty where Europe was carved up into pieces with much of Eastern Europe coming under Russian control.

The invasion of Afghanistan in 1989 (on the “invitation” of the Afghan government) and subsequent rough treatment (e.g. putting chemical weapons in wells) has caused hatred in Afghanistan.

The breakup of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) meant that some of the small nations decided to leave the union but some areas such as Chechnya were prevented from going their own way. The resulting combat (Russia using large-scale force and Chechens using “terrorism”) has left everyone unhappy.