Israel was founded in 1948 out of a terrorist campaign against the British who were running Palestine under a UN mandate at the time. It has been at war or near to war with most of its neighbours since that time.

There are lots of reasons for this hatred, but I don't know most of them!

The Israeli's are relatively rich and powerful compared to their neighbours, and this shows in the way they respond.

For example many Palestinians are killed for every Israeli killed. See google for a very informative cumulative slide of the total deaths on both sides. The Israelis claim that "stones can kill" so they have a right to shoot Palestinian youths who throw stones at troops in full riot gear. How would they feel if Palestinians shot stone-throwing Israelis on the same basis?

The Israelis recently (September 2001) pulled out of an international conference on racism, claiming that it was biased against them. Israel is not a racist state, unless you are not an Israeli Jew. For example:

Non-Israelis can't go to Israeli schools or universities. Do you think the Israeli or Arab universities have the most funding?

Non-Israelis have difficulty obtaining sufficient water, yet many Israelis have swimming pools.

Non-Israelis get thrown off their land by the Israeli army to make way for more Israeli settlements.

Non-Israelis in Jerusalem are attacked by their Israeli neighbours to get them to move out so Israel can have Jerusalem in breach of the 1967 UN Security Council Resolution.

The Israelis don’t allow the Palestinians to drill water bore holes except where the Israelis don’t think it will threaten their own citizens water supply.