China has a long history, showing levels of sophistication not matched in the West until relatively recent history. The country has over a Billion people. In 1948 the country had a Communist revolution, which was followed in the 1960's by the Cultural Revolution. The Communist Party of China is determined to retain power despite the desire of many for a democracy.

The majority of China has been so backward in comparison to the West that they have largely kept within their own borders, but recent changes to the economic climate have enabled a complete overhaul of the business situation with major growth occurring. China is now building its armed forces and beginning to flex its muscles in the region.


China invaded Tibet, claiming that it was traditionally a Chinese province. The Tibetans are not pleased by this, but there is little they can do because their neighbour is so overwhelmingly powerful.


When the Communist revolution occurred in China, the Chinese Government of the time fled to Taiwan. The Communists didn't have the ability to cross the Taiwan Straits, and, despite continuing threats, they still don't have the ability to do so.

The Taiwanese have maintained an interest in remaining independent of the Communist mainland government. Most people in the West believe in self-determinism: If a block of land wants to be independent of the rest of us, then we are happy for them to leave our grouping. We are frightened by a China that wants to acquire an unwilling Taiwan.


The Dome of the Rock was built on top of the Temple of Solomon. This was a deliberate insult to the Jews.


The French attitude of taking direct action against, for example, imports of British meat, is one that causes many British people offence.

The unilateral French ban on British Beef (now discontinued) was a clever abuse of the EU rules, where beef which was at least as safe as any other EU beef was banned from sale, thus helping the French farm industry and harming British farming.

The French history of colonialism in Asia, Africa and the Middle East has many incidents that have caused offence but time pressures mean they aren’t documented here (yet).


Hindus have generally given little cause for them to be hated in the modern world, though there are increasing reports of violence by small numbers of Hindus against Christians in India.

There is some mutual violence with Muslims in India.