America: Ireland: 1920-2001

Support for Irish Terrorism

The United States has been highly hypocritical over the issue of terrorism, having for many years allowed its citizens to fund organisations that in turn funded the likes of the IRA. I clearly recall the USA bombing Libya and wondering why they didn’t also bomb the Irish suburbs of New York for exactly the same crimes.


United States of America

The United States of America is a marginally white, formerly Christian Country. It's has been rich, has a very powerful military, and is used to getting its own way. It’s people (whom I personally rate as kind and pleasant) know almost nothing about the world outside the US’s borders, resulting in their government being free to intervene internationally with little resistance.

The USA has been a major world power from the time of the Second World War, eclipsing the "Great Powers" (e.g. Great Britain, Germany and France) who were dominant until then. Current Defence spending of $350bn represents 40% of the world total. It's more than the next top 9 defence spenders put together and the latest increase of $48bn is more than twice the defence budget of Italy.

The United States has been involved in a huge number of activities round the world that make people hate it. Here is a list of some of the major events.

America: Ireland: 1920-2001

America: Israel: 1948-presesnt

America: Chile 1973-1990

America: India Turmeric Patent

Sudan: 1998

America: Iranian Airliner 1998

America: Afghanistan 1979-1992

America: Iraq 1990-present

America: Guantanamo Bay 1992-present

America: Cotton Production

America: Somalia 1993

America: Panama 1989

America: International Treaties

In response to the United States Bombing of Afghanistan, Osama bin Ladin issued a statement which is included here because of the reasons he gives:

He refers to the Crusades. The USA, because it is effectively descended from the Europeans who conducted the Crusades, is included in this. I think this linkage, although technically incorrect (the modern USA hadn't been founded when the Crusades happened) is justified, and, if you research the Crusades, you will understand why the Muslim world is so upset about them. If you don’t do the research it’s like telling Jews that it’s time for a holocaust...


Companies based in the USA give better deals to fellow citizens than to the rest of the world. For example:

a. Microsoft released Windows XP with a $50 discount voucher, valid in the US only. Why only valid in the US? If anything, Americans should pay more because they are richer. I have heard the argument that "International" software should be more expensive because of the cost of making it international. This is like saying that making a car with right-hand drive should be more expensive... in fact the majority of the cost of software and cars (and many other things) is in the design of the basic product. The actual modifications are quite cheap, and there is an argument that the modified versions should be cheaper because the main development cost has already been carried.

b. Books and software are often priced the same in UK£ as in US$, meaning that we have to pay perhaps 40% more for everything. Britain is one of the USA's best friends- why are you doing this to us?

c. American companies use domains like .com and .org, whereas the correct domain for most of them should be .com.us or .org.us to show national origin. This isn't a major issue, but it shows the "we run everything" arrogance that some people just hate about the USA. The one that really gets under my own skin is “.gov”- the USA should use “.gov.us” because the US does not represent world government (despite their wishes!).

d. American courts are much less likely to award judgement to foreign appellants than to American appellants, and when victory is granted the amounts are usually smaller.

e. Hypocrisy.
There are unfortunately lots of examples of this, e.g.

The USA has been flying spying missions in international airspace off the coast of China. They had an incident when their plane was "buzzed" by the Chinese, and they threatened to fly fighters alongside their spy plane to ensure it's right to fly there. Russia has been operating a radar base from Lourdes in Cuba, a sovereign nation, and the base, which houses radar and electronic equipment, has been a sore point in relations with the United States, which says it has been used as a centre for spying on America. Errr.... It's okay for us to fly spy planes off YOUR coast, but it's not okay for you to have similar equipment on an island near OUR coast.

f. British Villains, American Heroes
I am personally (as a Brit) unhappy that the USA film industry has decided that it's okay to paint the British as "the bad guys" and to paint citizens of the USA as heroes. For examples: "Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls" uses British guys as the bad guys, and "U-571" showed how US troops captured the first Enigma code machine from the Germans and how this helped shorten the second world war. In fact, the British were first to capture an Enigma machine and the code books and then to break the codes, saving many allied lives.

(If you like Star Trek, you might want to consider that most Americans would be happy to associate themselves with The Federation... but too many people round the world would compare them to the Borg!)

Fun Concept: Why does everyone want to live in the USA?
Because the US makes it so unpleasant to live anywhere else!! (just kidding).

There are lots of these incidents- the USA is used to being the biggest kid in the playground and (often unwittingly) attempts to inflict its views on the world.

Links and References

An article in the Guardian talks discusses 9/11 very effectively.

There is a page dedicated to why people hate the US at http://www.vexen.co.uk/USA/hateamerica.html

The book “You back the attack! We’ll bomb who we want!” by Micah Ian Wright and published by Seven Stories Press is worth looking at. He has some absolutely brilliant posters at www.antiwarposters.com

You should also consider looking at: http://www.zmag.org/shalomhate.htm

A site after my own heart:

The book “Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore is also a fascinating read.

Peoples & Nations

The purpose of this part of the site is to find the reasons that people might not like you or your country.

It’s obvious that small, powerless countries aren’t going to be widely hated- if you are too small for anyone to have heard of, then very few people will have a reason to hate you, even if your country is very unpleasant.

It is also obvious that large, powerful countries are more likely to cause problems across the world, particularly if they put other countries under pressure, either through armed threats or through economic pressure.

The pages below discuss some issues for some countries. As always we welcome corrections and additions.